20+ Best Tutorials to Convert Psd to XHtml/CSS

I haven’t found really good this kind of list article so I created my own. As being designer myself, coding part usually is hardest part in web development process. But there are so many great tutorials teaching how to use simple XHTML and CSS to get amazing layouts and they offer You to see what’s really happening behind the scenes explaining every step. Learn how to use CSS, how to create layouts in the right way, forget about table-layouts and enjoy CSS real power and put these 43 PSD to XHTML and CSS tutorials in good use!

1. From PSD to XHTML Tutorial

In this first-ever video podcast, I start the conversion process of an Adobe Photoshop mockup of a website, into a real live CSS based website. This is pretty rough here folks, I’m sure these will get more focused with time.

2. How To Create a Horizontally Scrolling Site

3. From PSD to HTML, Building a Set of Website Designs Step by Step

4. Subcide: Creating a CSS layout from scratch

5. Build a Sleek Portfolio Site from Scratch – PSD+XHTML Tutorial

6. From PSD to CSS HTML in 4 easy tutorials

7. Create a Killer Band Site with Drupal: A 6-part Tutorial Series

Great tutorial about creating site with Illustrator, coding with Drupal, using standards compliant XHTML and CSS.

The Complete Lesson Index:

Read Part 1 – Design it Illustrator
Read Part 2 – Slicing it Illustrator
Read Part 3 – XHTML
Read Part 4 – Theming in Drupal
Read Part 5 -Drupal Admin
Read Part 6 -Wrap Up and Additional Resources

8. How to make sexy buttons with CSS

9. Horizontal Menus That Grow on You

In this quick tutorial, I’m going to discuss how to create a neat little menu effect. I’m dubbing it the liDock, because elements in the menu resize as the mouse moves over them, similar to the dock on OS-X, and because it’s a list menu.

10. CSS Template Tutorial

11. CSS Gradient Text Effect Tutorial

12. How to: CSS Large Background

13. Converting a Design From PSD to HTML

14. Slice and Dice that PSD

15. Blurry Background Effect

16. Creating a table with dynamically highlighted columns like Crazy Egg’s pricing table

17. Coding Your 1st PSD Tutorial

18. Making Your Footer stay put with CSS

19. How to Convert a PSD to XHTML – Video Screencast

20. Invasion of the Body Switchers – Learn how to switch styles

21. Create a Simple, Intelligent Accordion Effect Using Prototype and Scriptaculous

22. 3 Simple Steps in Coding a Rounded Corners Layout

23. Style master CSS tutorial

24. Fixed Footer Backgrounds with CSS

25. CSS Layout Technique – Achieving 100% Height

Now You should have impressive foundation to create really advanced layouts using standard compliant XHTML and CSS. Put them in good use and maybe I’ll create another list article with Photoshop layout tutorials. Thanks.

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